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Johannah Conant

  • Soul Embodiment Guide

  • Sacred Medicine Facilitator 

  • Integration Specialist

Welcome dear one, this is where your journey back to wholeness begins…

This isn’t your typical top down therapy, sitting on the couch and spiraling into the stories of your past that leave you feeling disembodied, numb and unsafe. 


This is the place where we start to re-write your story into one beyond what you could have dared to dream.


This is the place where you come home to your body as a place of safety and intuitive wisdom, to experience your multidimensionality and effortless expression. 


This is the place where you move beyond crippling self doubt, overwhelm and shame, into creating a loving relationship with yourself and tap into your infinite capacity. 


This is the meeting place of your head and heart, your mind and body, your conscious and subconscious, your inner child and higher self, your logical and intuitive sides, and your inner and outer worlds.

Welcome home

Through merging Western psycho-somatic embodiment technology with ancient Eastern spiritual-consciousness traditions, we begin to approach your present day struggles that may include: physical dis-ease, depression or anxiety, addictions, unhealthy repeating relationship patterns, disconnection from your personal power and pleasure, by addressing the roots of the issues that usually begin in utero and into our early developmental years. 


To Root is to start to create a new, safe foundation in your body after years of disconnection due to early life stressors and trauma. By gently returning to your body and all of its sensations and messages, you start to reprogram the psyche, repattern and resolve trauma in your nervous system, release the subconscious memories in your fascia and heal your gut microbiome. 


An essential aspect of coming home to your body is to re-parent yourself with the aspects of caregiving that your parents unwittingly were not able to provide you with during your most formative years of development. By providing yourself with compassionate nurturance of the Mother through tender self-loving care and providing the protection and direction of the Father through boundaries and discernment, we start to integrate the scared, unworthy younger aspects of ourselves back into our hearts so that we may live from a more integrated expression. 


For both men and women, it means that we must explore the wounded, shadow expressions of the masculine and feminine principals within ourselves and bring them back into their Divine expression and embodiment.  By coming into loving relationship with our shadow aspects, we start to experience new levels of intimacy with Self, that inevitably deepen our relationships with others and with all of Life. 


Once we have established healthy, nourished Roots, we can begin to Rise upward. Many spiritual teachings are focused on the ascendant nature of the Rise into expanded consciousness, and bypass the work it takes to anchor stable roots in the Earth/our body and true changes are not sustainable. 

This is a path of profound, viable change that allows us to experience deep, fulfilling intimacy,  increased levels of success and abundance, living in alignment with our soul purpose, recovering and maintaining wellness in our body and experiencing the true sweetness of this life. 


It is my heart’s deepest desire that you get to experience the love and joy that this life wants to pour into you and it is my soul’s highest mission to support you in this journey to wholeness. 

This path of wholeness varies between men and women and is uniquely unfolds for each individual. 


"When the root is strong, the fruit is sweet"

African proverb

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