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My Services

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Johannah serves men and women in deeply healing transformational 1:1 coaching containers, 1:1 personally curated retreats in Costa Rica, intimate group containers and retreats, medicine journeys and psychedelic integration support. Her unique magic is a culmination of personal and transpersonal medicine and wisdom gleaned from her life experiences, education and professional training and path of surrender to Spirit. She is in devotion to evolution with the only agenda of coming back to love, to wholeness within self. 

She works with awakening men and women to come home to their wholeness within, to start feeling full, for possibly the first time in their lives. The bridging of the body and mind at the sacred center of the heart is the core of her work. Only through the body can we experience the true intimacy that we long for- with self, within relationship and with Source. 

Some of the tools in her Medicine Bag are:

  • Ayurvedic wisdom

  • somatic sequencing

  • inner posturing

  • embodiment practices

  • somatic experiencing

  • psychotherapy tools

  • shamanic journeying

  • functional movement

  • nervous system regulation

  • gut microbiome healing

  • attachment styles

  • shadow integration

  • lifestyle adaptations

  • emotional release and alchemy,

  • energy work

  • ceremony/ritual

  • inner child restoration

  • timeline repair

  • tantric practices 

  • Earth connection. 

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