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Coaching for Women

The Unbounded Feminine

Welcome home to your Divine Feminine as the path of Sacred Inner Union. Reconnect to your body and the consciousness contained within it. Remember how to receive. Reclaim and nurture your radiance

Create a life that you are obsessed with.

As women, we are endlessly doing, fixing, achieving and consuming which leaves us feeling unfulfilled, lonely in relationships and constantly searching. Intentionally deepening in and down, surrendering, receiving, expressing and savoring the sacredness of all that is, shifts the dynamic and expands your life experiences. It is revolutionary to embody the Divine Feminine in our current society. The revolution looks like radical love, creating our own safety, embracing our sensuality, welcoming pleasure and honoring our bodies. In connecting deeply to your sacred inner knowing of Divine Femininity we can find grace to live a fully expanded and generous life.

  • If you feel like you have ever wanted the freedom that you feel others experience with deep intimate connection and dynamic relationships – it’s time.

  • If you have ever felt disconnected from your desire and disembodied and numb – I have been there.

  • If you have ever felt as though you don’t have time for yourself and don’t know how to sense your needs- I get it. If you have wanted to awaken your sensuality and sexuality – you get to now. 

  • If you have struggled to trust your intuition and wisdom that resides in your body- it is safe to. 

  • If you have ever felt as though you are unsure of what you want in life or feel the start of a new chapter unfolding- now is the time.

  • If you have struggled to set and hold boundaries and speak your truth-it is your turn to stand and speak. 

  • This is where you emerge out of your pillow fort of safety and control, stepping fully into your empowered softness. This is where we unearth the forgotten feminine wisdom and beauty that you already possess- together.

I have walked in your well-worn shoes. I was disconnected, pained and unsatisfied with life and my relationships. I was looking for anything, literally anything outside of myself, that would make me feel whole and connected. Worthy and loved. Safe and seen.


I chose the painful, reckless and dangerous path for many, many years before I found the wellspring of deep love, connection and expression – the Divine Feminine. This lost part of yourself is the exquisite gift that is you, ready to be opened and adored.


In doing the work of the Unbounded Feminine, I lovingly met the anguish in the darkest corners of my heart, uncovering deep shame, fear and anger. I shed the old tattered stories of “not enough” and “not worthy” and replaced them with a sweeter, forgotten story, one of the truths of who I am. Who You are. Who We are.


By nourishing, honoring and listening to my body and heart, I awoke to my soul’s true purpose.

It is my heart's desire and soul's callingn to support you in doing the same. 



  • Stop living a life of unsatisfying work and lonely relationships.

  • Stop living a life of giving to everyone else but never receiving.

  • Stop living a life disconnected or ashamed of power and pleasure.

  • Stop living a life void of sensuality and fulfilling sexuality

We women can learn to give more to others while keeping our cup full first and foremost. In our embodied power we choose how and where and why we show up. We choose intentionally to be nurturing, receptive, warm, patient, and loving to both others and ourselves. We are women who are connected to our desires and our hearts.


Through addressing wounding with past relationships with the masculine to come into loving relationship with men and the masculine principal within, you will find that setting healthy boundaries, speaking your truth, accessing discernment and honoring yourself will come more naturally.


You can and will authentically reclaim who you truly are and live a life that is full of joy, abundance, pleasure and freedom through this work. It is a part of your instinctual nature.


It is time to return to the sacred wholeness that is yearning for your remembrance. It is time for you to come back home.


Contact Johannah to explore what’s possible when you embody your true self. Your divine essence. Unbounded Feminine guides you in returning to the dynamic nature of who you truly are through the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine in balance with the Sacred Masculine. We invite change through the lens of surrender, receptivity and compassion.


She holds space and allows you to compassionately and patiently uncover the shame, secrets and hidden feelings your body has been keeping score of. By removing these, you are able to reclaim your power and your pleasure!


Felicia L

Working with Johannah was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself.

“Working with Johannah was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. Throughout the time we worked together I overcame fears, released old emotions, gained confidence , gained new habits, and truly found myself again. I shifted so much during the time we worked together that my family, friends, and coworkers recognized and complimented it. I’ve been able to cultivate a deep healthy loving relationship with myself as well as use the tools she taught to heal and gain access to new parts of myself. I found my center through the practices I learned and they will forever remain part of my routine. If you’re thinking about working with Johannah, gift yourself the opportunity! My life has forever changed since I made the decision and I couldn’t be happier. Johanna, I'm so grateful for the work you do, you change lives and are truly a blessing to the world. I'm so grateful.”

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