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Coaching for Men

The Integrated Man

Modern day men have been deprived of the modeling of healthy masculine traits, leaving them confused, defeated, frustrated and repeating painful patterns.

I support men in rooting into their embodied presence and power, in order to heal from past trauma and social conditioning. I have seen many powerful yet overwhelmed men, being asked to step into roles that are totally foreign to them, despite their hearts longing to do so. I help men map back to their most integrated state, living from a place of purpose and commitment to higher consciousness. 


Do you struggle with any of these? 

  • Healthy relationships with women, using sex for validation and avoiding intimacy- you have a poor relationship with your own feminine principal

  • Having a sense of purpose, knowing why you are here and where you are going- you are being robbed of your power and self certainty

  • Do not have an accurate picture of your strengths and weaknesses- you are setting yourself up for disappointment and undervaluing your natural talents and it will be hard to achieve success

  • Being in relationship with your dark side- you are fearful of your aggression and killer instinct, leaving you feeling weak and leading boring lives

  • Feeling your feelings and emotions- you are blocking yourself off from a wellspring of joy and love, leaving you more susceptible to suicide

  • Have difficulty in execution, “getting shit done”- you have not engaged your warrior energy and are limiting what you can achieve and experience in your life

I have been working with men for the past five years, and what I have come to find is that most men WANT 

  • to deepen intimacy and improve connection with women/partners

  • to improve sexual confidence and prowess

  • more power and productivity

  • more direction and purpose

  • a deeper sense of love, worthiness and acceptance

  • to be able to feel and express your emotions (emotional intelligence)

  • to embody and embrace your dark side

  • to understand your strengths and your shadows

Yet, you haven’t been shown the way. There is no pathway, there is no map.

No one has modeled this healthy masculine expression for you because unfortunately your father and your father’s fathers passed down intergenerational wounding and templates of the wounded masculine. 

After having served hundreds of men from all walks of life in traditional therapy, tantric and coaching containers, I have been witness to have been witness to the radical healing that occurs when men allow themselves to bravely make the inward journey back to their hearts as the foundation for the integration of higher archetypal consciousness. 

I take men on a journey back to their own dear, forgotten hearts through healing the Inner Child archetype, and through this process of healing Mother and Father wounds and early developmental traumas, he is  able to create a new stable, solid foundation from which he can hold deep, embodied presence which ripples into every aspect of his life and community

With this foundational, embodied work of the Inner Child established, I guide men through the archetypal expressions and embodiment of the Lover, Warrior, Magician and King. Once activated, the goal is for him to be agile between these archetypal expressions and to recognize when each is called for. 


Lover Archetype is the most underdeveloped and repressed in modern society, yet holds the keys for a man’s greatness. This is attributed to the patriarchal influence of cutting men off from their hearts and disconnecting them from their feelings. When a man comes into healthy relationship with the Mother God principal and his own inner feminine, this is the initiation into his own heart and the embodiment of erotic energy.


Warrior Archetype is in right relationship with his aggression and power, although this is most feared in society, it is necessary for him to be able to be in purpose and move forward in life. The integrated Warrior wields destructive-creative power, holds keen situational awareness and deep presence and can emotionally detach when needed. He knows when to come back to his heart. He is courageous, clever and loyal to something greater than himself.


Magician Archetype asks a man to develop patience and perseverance, as he explores and masters his craft, his specific magic that he brings to the world. He holds the keys to mastery and gives initiation rituals, to those he deems ready. This aspect of a man is the part that gives the orders to the Warrior within from a place of wisdom and knowledge. This man knows how to turn setbacks into opportunities to become a better man through inner alchemy.


King Archetype is the last archetype to master, as this man has actively been integrating the above archetypes which allow him to hold God consciousness and because he is so rooted in his integrous power, he can empower others, protect his Kingdom (family, community, employees, etc) and act from a place of higher perspective rather than reactivity. A man must be fully initiated in the previous archetypes to be able to hold this level of consciousness.

Additionally through this work, men are taught how to lead their feminine counterpart into healthy communication, how to guide her back to her own power and assess how she responds to his power and teach him how to identify where she is embodied in her consciousness. This work can also address sexual performance and libido related issues you may be experiencing.


As the rising collective of the feminine heals her wounding in relationship to the masculine, more and more men are being called to rise up into their most exalted expression of anchored groundedness, provision of safety and security, presence and heart-led leadership.


It is my honor and joy to serve men in this capacity, after doing years of my own healing work to restore and rejoice in my relationship with the masculine after my own trauma and tragedies with men. I am a fully initiated Grail Priestess in service as a King Maker, exalting men into their highest expression. To hold a new template that allows him to experience himself in ways he never has. It is my hearts highest delight to serve the masculine in this capacity.


Phil B

“Prepare yourself for a quantum shift in what you expect for yourself and for your life. To meet Johannah is to come face to face with a profound expression of vision and power. From our first session, I've begun to unlock a new understanding of the purpose, direction, and potential of my life. She's helped me to make a deep connection with my masculine centers of power and focus, to stand up the Warrior within me, and to fearlessly embrace new possibilities and new opportunities. I’m now doing things I would not have been able to imagine a year ago. Johannah is more than a coach — she is a guide, a muse to inspire you to new heights. An artist whose canvas is the human soul. With Johannah at your side, you can set your old fears and doubts aside once and for all and begin to live the life you have always hoped you might have”.

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