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Integration Specialist

Johannah has over 20 years of experience in the mental health field, having served as an Addictions and Trauma therapist, in clinical and psychiatric settings. After experiencing her own profound healing, she expanded her offerings to serve as a shamanic psycho-somatic spiritual guide and medicine facilitator. 

Johannah has found that the trauma informed integration work that follows ceremony, is the most vital part to creating lasting changes in your life, by utilizing the malleability of your mind and body during this window. During this time, you can become the embodiment of the insights that the medicine provided for you and allow them to become a living reality by integrating the parts of yourself that you had been disconnected from for so long due to trauma, conditioning and programming. The medicine gives you critical access points, to which you can utilize integration to create new, lasting pathways to your fullest soul expression. We are whole soul beings- so integration needs to address restructuring the psyche, repatterning the nervous system, healing the gut microbiome, restoring your innocent inner child, coming home deeply into your body and learning to listen to your heart. Johannah utilizes the most updated trauma resolution modalities, somatic practices and spiritual guidance to weave you back into the embodiment of your soul. 

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