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Sacred Medicine Facilitator

In 2020, Johannah was introduced to Kambo and shortly after her first experiences with the medicine, she knew she was being called to bring soft, feminine energy to this potent and oftentimes challenging medicine. As led by spirit, she went to the meet the frog in the Amazonian jungles of Peru, to give her gratitude for its healing gifts and to ask the Frog’s permission to share her medicine. She spent time in the jungle serving local tribes and sustainably harvesting the medicine, to share with the rest of the world. She has both indigenous training and more updated training to address the specific ailments of the Western world in a safe, trauma informed manner. She also trains practitioners to serve Kambo.


Johannah has studied and been serving Bufo/5MeO for the past 3 years and has developed a dear relationship with this mystical medicine of sweet remembrance and grace. The medicine has taught her how to share it in ways that are most therapeutic and easier to integrate into daily life. She uses this powerful and intense medicine, in gentle and digestible ways so that we can consciously mend the original separation of our human self from our Divinity and fully embody the pure loving consciousness that desires to flow through us again. Johannah reveres this medicine as one of her greatest teachers, having led her on a path that ultimately brought her to Iboga.


After having a life altering experience in her first Bufo journey years ago, Johannah was able to experience healing that was previously inaccessible to her by any other means. It had not been provided in a sustainable manner and the results of the healing were diminished shortly thereafter. She went into deep prayer in the years following for whatever it would be that would support her in getting to the root impact of this wound, as no other modalities and approaches to healing would touch what Bufo had briefly given her.  At the start of 2023, her prayers were answered as Iboga came into her life. As soon as she received the intuitive nudge in the direction of Iboga, she immediately scheduled her first ceremonies. She knew after her first ceremony that she would be developing a relationship with this medicine as well and over the course of the past year, she has worked with Iboga numerous times and is currently facilitating and studying this most profound psychedelic known to man while supporting at Awaken Your Soul in Costa Rica. She intends to travel to Gabon, Africa this year to be Bwiti initiated with Iboga.


Johannah also holds guided, trauma informed healing ceremonies with MDMA and heroic doses of psylocibin. She also provides training for sacred medicine holders, on how to hold trauma informed, sacred healing spaces (not determined by a specific medicine), but rather focused on the ceremonial setting and inner work required to hold this space in an integrous, deeply transformational manner.

Corinna Cope

“Over the last 7 years, I have experienced many types of sacred medicine in a variety of countries and settings. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert, but I do feel I have gained enough experience to be able to discern between people who just “facilitate” ceremonies and those who can truly hold space - not just energetically, but in ways that harmonise with the consciousness of sacred medicines. Afterall, that is what you are working with when you journey - a form of consciousness from the divine that has embodied itself into these plants and animals to provide a path for humanity to awaken.


As such, Johannah is just one of two people in the world that I trust to hold space for me.


Johannah not only has vast personal experience and wisdom of these sacred elements, but she has a softness and divine connection to the sacred feminine that is unlike anyone I have ever met. Johannah will see, hear, feel and support you like no other, and she will hold you exactly as you need, whilst simultaneously calling you out on any of your shit, if required.


Johannah’s knowledge of the highs and lows of medicine, plus her own (hardcore) healing journey, means she not only walks the talk, but she does so with a love, nurturing and transcendent power that is unique in the world people offering medicine ceremonies - most of whom are trashing that which is deeply sacred, all in the name of profit and service to self.


Medicine doesn’t always give you what you want but it will always give you what you need, and when you journey with Johannah you will come to know why the medicines have entrusted her with their treasures.


From her hair to her heart, Johannah emanates the golden glow of source, sisterhood and sacred ceremony from her entire field, and her presence alone is simply magical. Amplify this with the medicines and you will have the most transformational experience that will leave your mind, body and soul full of mystic wonder.”

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