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About Johannah

Johannah has a wild, intense and diverse life chronicle, with equaled depths of healing that allows her to hold a compassionate and attuned depth of container for those she serves. Ranging from an adoption abandonment wound, to religious trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape, narcissistic abuse, sabotaging entire careers, alcohol and drug abuse, advanced stage cancer and treatment, a long list of health issues and handfuls of medications, to suicidality- and that all led her to LIFE. As she began to heal, she understood that none of that was pathology, it was showing her the path back home to herself.


It is because of her own life experiences that she creates a powerful intuitive, emotional connection to and holds a deep transformational container for every client that she serves. She provides radiant soul medicine by connecting with people in an authentic, heartfelt way.


Johannah’s scope in the healing arts, began over 20 years ago as a community-based social worker to a Master’s level Trauma therapist, Psychiatric and Substance Abuse/Addictions therapist. After her first awakening initiation in 2017,  her path of service expanded into serving as a Body and Mindfulness coach, Tantrika, Reiki practitioner and now serves as a Sacred medicine facilitator, Integration Specialist and Soul Embodiment Guide that are a weaving of the healing work she has given herself, received through teachers and medicines and direct transmissions through her body. She has surrendered herself to an embodied life as her innovator, inspiration and wisest teacher.


She has been serving and studying the sacred medicines of Kambo, Bufo/5Meo and heroic doses of Psylocibin since 2020 and in early 2023, she was brought to Iboga to heal a long-standing, previously untouchable wound. She had been in deep prayer for many years as to what would help her heal this disconnection and after her first experience with Ibgoa, she knew she wanted to deepen her relationship with and study this profound medicine. She intends to go to Gabon to be Bwiti initiated this coming year.


Johannah currently resides in Chirripo, Costa Rica and enjoys spending time with her dear community, in service to her beloved clients, and exploring this beautiful country she gets to call home. She loves to welcome friends and clients down as her guests to this paradise setting for healing and play. Johannah loves to travel, deepen her relationship with the world around her and push her own personal edges through her life’s experiences.

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